Presently, given the government incentives in place for touristic development, this is undoubtedbly a great and promising area for investment. It has a very tranquil setting and is surrounded by beautiful ocean views. It is an excellent location for hotels, retail businesses, resorts, residential, gated communities and other projects. The entire site is zoned DTS (Selective Turistic Development).

The Puerto Rican government is actively pursing an advertising campaign for this area under the program called “Porta del Sol“. This program, developed by the Department of Tourism provides a number of incentives for investors that purchase with the intention of touristic development (see TOURISTIC DEVELOPMENT AREA).

In January 2010 the government of Puerto Rico approved a new law to expedite the permits process in order to promote economic development. This Act creates a new Office of Permits and sets new regulation.


This area has access to three major airports (in Ponce, Mayaguez and Ramey Air Force Base, Aguadilla) and is ready for a touristic boost. Businesses already established there are Tyco, Bristol-Meyers, Johnson & Johnson, Hewlett Packard, and Edwards Life Sciences. Also, you’ll find universities such as the Mayaguez College of Engineering and the Inter-American University.

You can see more information and maps on I have personally visited the site and can tell you that it is certainly a magnificent place.

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